Academic Outreach

I frequently present my work at academic conferences and seminars, both nationally and internationally, to get into a dialogue with other scholars working in similar areas.

Selected Presentations

  • Naami, M., Rickert, M., Schenetti, C. (2023, 27-10) Embodying borders? Practices of Doing ethnographic fieldwork [roundtable discussion]. LIMES – The Hardening and Softening of Borders in Europe – final conference. Maastricht University: Maastricht.
  • Rickert, M. (2023, 07-07) Ethnographic explorations of participation in linguistically diverse pre-school. Third Wave Sociolinguistics in the Netherlands. NL Lab/Leiden University: Amsterdam.
  • Rickert, M. (2023, 02-06) Language, World and Mind in Entangled Encounters: Researcher-Child-Interaction as a research site. VUB/KU Leuven: Brussels.
  • Rickert, M. (2023, 04-04) Organizing peer relations in peripheral places in Early Childhood Care and Education. EELCE9. UCL Centre for Applied Linguistics: London.
  • Rickert, M. (2023, 16-02) Emotions in the Dutch as Second Language Classroom: Newcomers’ affective engagements during Language Learning. NL Lab Lunch lecture. KNAW Humanities Cluster: Amsterdam.
  • Rickert, M. (2023, 16-01) ‘arbuz vs. Melone’ - Social meanings of different languages in a linguistically diverse kindergarten in Germany [poster presentation]. LOT winterschool. University of Amsterdam: Amsterdam.
  • Rickert, M. (2022, 3-10) Language practices in Early Childcare and Education: The Limburgish context through a participation lens. Multilectal literacies in Education (Project Meeting). Maastricht University: Maastricht.
  • Rickert, M. (2022, 20-9) Arabic Second Language Learning as Affective Practice. Forum Insaniyyat - منتدى دوليّ في العلوم الانسانيّة و الاجتماعيّة. Université de la Manouba: Tunis.
  • Rickert, M. (2022, 24-6) “You don’t know how to say ‘cow’ in Polish!” – Meanings of references to heritage languages within interaction in the kindergarten. Early Language Learning and Multilingual Education (ELLME 2022). Universidad de Granada: Granada.
  • Rickert, M. (2022, 14-5) Tracing ‘Hayom’: Translanguaging in linguistically diverse peer groups in a German kindergarten (Invited poster presentation) Habilnet2. Harmonious Bilingualism Network: Frankfurt.
  • Rickert, M., Cornips, L. (2022, 5-2) Bordering Early Education & Borders in Early Education: Language Socialization in the Southern German-Dutch Border Region. Part of the panel: Old and New Boundary lines in the Belgian-Dutch Borderland. Border Renaissance: Recent Developments in Territorial, Cultural, and Linguistic Border Studies. Universität des Saarlandes: Saarbrücken/online.
  • Rickert, M. (2022, 24-01) Language Socialization & Participation in Early Education: Linguistic Ethnographic Insights from Dutch Limburg. Forschungsforum Promotionskolleg Sprachwissenschaft WWU Münster.
  • Rickert, M. Cornips, L. (2021, 9-12) Stimulating bidialectal children’s regional languages – policies and practices between pre-school and family. Planting languages – Seeds of Success Expert meeting. Brussels.
  • Rickert, M. (2021, 30-07) ‘Who is the boss?’ Staging of conflicts in everyday acts of performance in the pre-school. [paper on Panel: Conflict and language socialization on preschool interactions]. International Pragmatics Conference (IPrA). Zürich University of Applied Sciences. Winterthur/online.
  • Rickert, M. (2021, 13-07). Bidialectal pre-school. Arranging interactional (non-)participation through linguistic and other semiotic means”. [Paper on Thematic Section: The development of social meaning in heterogeneous speech communities.] International Symposium for Bilingualism, Warsaw University. Warsaw/online.
  • Rickert, M. (2021, 05-07). Bidialectal pre-school: Enacting participation frames through linguistic and other semiotic means [poster presentation]. LOT summer school, KU Leuven/online.
  • Rickert, M., (2021, 09-06). Tuning in. How researchers’ language practices come to matter in the field. Sociolinguistic Symposium. University of Hong Kong. Hong Kong/online.
  • Rickert, M. (2021, 23-04). Singing as Doing. Pre-schoolers’ spontaneous use of songs in social interaction. VIOT Anéla Junior Researcher Day, University of Groningen, Groningen/online.
  • Rickert, M., Cornips, L. (2021, 29-01). Meertaligheid en multimodale communicatie in de peuteropvang in Limburg. [Poster presentation] ‘Talige diversiteit in het onderwijs’, NHL Stenden Hogeschool. Leeuwarden/online.
  • Rickert, M. (2020, 25-9). Learning how and when (not) to use (which) language(s). Toddlers’ language socialisation in day-cares at the southern German-Dutch border. 16. Sprachwissenschaftliche Tagung für Promotionsstudierende, University of Vienna. Vienna/online.
  • Rickert, M., Cornips, C. (2020, 17-9). Language socialisation into language ideologies in day cares at the southern German-Dutch border (Invited Talk). Language Learning Research Group. University of Amsterdam. Amsterdam/online.
  • Rickert, M. (2018, 29-9). Die produktive Schwelle. Zum Umgang mit Liminalität im Zweitsprachenunterricht. Interimstagung der AG Ethnologische Bildung der DGSKA. Teaching Anthropology, Universität Heidelberg.

Workshops and Data Sessions for Peers & Colleagues

  • Rickert, M. (2023, 22-09) Pre-school literacy practices [presentation of data in Data session]. Child Interaction Data Sessions, Linköping University/online.
  • Rickert, M. (2023, 20-04) Childhood Ethnography. UM Ethnography group, Maastricht University/online.
  • Rickert, M. (2021, 26-11). ’Can you fix it?’ Peer recruitment and the socialization of turn taking. [presentation of data in Data session]. Child Interaction Data Sessions, Linköping University/online.
  • Rickert, M. (2021, 16-04). Place-making in corridor interactions in pre-school. [presentation of data in Data session]. Child Interaction Data Sessions, Linköping University/online.
  • Smolka, M., Rickert, M., Strijbosch, K., (2020, 29-10). How to do practice theory in practice? Getting lost and finding our ways in the praxiographic jungle. UM Ethnography group, Maastricht University/online.
  • Rickert, M., van Bloois, A. (2020, 17-12). Language(s) and the ethnographer. Researching multilingually and with awareness for linguistic diversity. UM Ethnography group, Maastricht University/online.